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Business Resumption

While a recovery is never
a relaxing day at the beach

Or a picnic at the pool

It can be a tranquil walk
on the beach compared to

A difficult Road to travel

Full of pitfalls


Business Resumption Planning Goals:
  • Create Business Resumption Plans for all business units.
  • Develop Business Resumption Teams.
  • Initiate a Maintenance and Exercise Schedule.

Business Resumption Planning

Business Resumption Planning Process
    The Seven Step Program
    1. Introduction and Orientation.
    2. Define Mission Critical Business Functions.
    3. Prioritize Business Functions for Recovery.
    4. Identify Recovery resource requirements for Business Functions.
    5. Recovery/Resumption Plan Development.
    6. Exercise and review of your plan.
    7. Plan Maintenace.

Business Resumption Planning
    Business Resumption Planning Committee Responsibilities
    • Conduct workshops and training sessions that assist Business Resumption liaisons gather information for their plan.
    • Provide technical support during planning, development, and maintenance.
    • Develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates ALL critical tasks .
    • Establish a timetable for plan reviews and exercises.

Business Resumption Planning
    Business Resumption Liaison Responsibilities
    • Identify and document mission critical functions
    • Document critical recovery tasks.
    • Identify and recruit key employees for recovery teams.
    • Participate in quarterly / semi-annual table top exercises.
    • Point of contact for disseminating Business Resumption information.

What your Plan must contain
  • Notification procedures, call list(s).
  • Recovery Team structure.
  • A prioritized recovery schedule for mission critical functions.
  • A list of tasks required for restoring critical functions.
  • Functional responsibility for critical tasks.
  • Resource Requirements.
  • Alternate Worksite Requriements.
  • Your Vendors.
  • Business Partners.

Why Exercise?
  • Highlight the strengths of the recovery plan.
  • Identifies the areas that need improvement.
  • Allows recovery team members to become familiar with their Business Resumption roles.
  • Ensure Critical business functions can be restored.
  • First step in Maintaining your plan.
  • Builds Confidence in Your Plan

Where do we go from here?
  • The Questionnaire, that your received prior to this presentation, was designed to focus your attention on the Business Resumption Planning process. When completed the questionnaire will provide a starting point for your plan.
  • We will meet with you to start prioritizing your functions; build your recovery team(s);develop your recovery tasks; and identifying your resource needs.